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IPv4 address is: %s \n " , ip4); // IPv6: char ip6[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN]; // space to hold the IPv6 string struct sockaddr_in6 sa6; // pretend this is loaded with something inet_

A Git Horror Story: Repository Integrity With Signed Commits — Mike Gerwitz


"format:%H %aN %s %G?" afb1e7373ae5e7dae3caab2c64cbb18db3d96fba Mike Gerwitz Modified bar G f227c90b116cc1d6770988a6ca359a8c92a83ce2 Mike Gerwitz Added bar G 652f9aed906

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writefln( "Linear init: %s msecs" , bm[0].total! "msecs" ); writefln( "Parallel init: %s msecs" , bm[1].total! "msecs" );} Sort in-place across multiple arrays void main(){ import
D is a general-purpose programming language with static typing, systems-level access, and C-like syntax.

LRS Wiki


named %s ",c.name); // %s prints a string printf("(%d kg, ",c.weightKg); printf("%d legs)\n",c.legCount);}int main(void){ // generate random creatures: fo

Scripting Languages II: Perl, Lua, Groovy - Hyperpolyglot


sprintf my $fmt = "lorem %s %d %f"; sprintf($fmt, "ipsum", 13, 3.7) string.format("lorem %s %d %.2f", "ipsum", 13, 3.7) fmt = "lorem %s %d %.2f" String.format(fmt, "ipsum", 13, 3.

Birth time of a file on GNU Linux distributions


{ printf ( "Usage: %s FILE \n " , argv [ 0 ]); printf ( "Display btime of a given file in UNIX time format. \n " ); return EXIT_SUCCESS ; } int rc = statx ( AT

OpenBSD on the Desktop (Part I) ‒ paedubucher.ch


*/ { datetime, " %s ", "%a %Y-%m-%d %H:%M" },}; The other settings I like to have do not require any arguments, at least not onOpenBSD, so I only need to defin

C, Go - Hyperpolyglot


      printf("key: %s value: %s\n", key, *env + keylen + 1);       free(key);    } } import "os" import "strings" for _, s := range os.Environ() {    a := strings.SplitN(s, "=", 2

O(n log* n)


{printf("We should open %s to write our code in it!\n", currentFilePointer);fp1 = fopen(pathToLastOrigin, "r");fp2 = fopen(currentFilePointer, "w");if(fp1 == NULL || fp2 == NULL){



line arguments Include %s or similar when specifying command to run to open unassociated file to indicate where the argument is Preview pane Cache thumbnails Load subdirectory thu
A basic file explorer which I wrote to get to grips with Java.

Pandora Sims - Download adult sims, hacked objects, programs and patches for The SIMS


Pandora Sims - Download adult sims, hacked objects, programs and patches for The SIMS   WARNING! Warning very naughty stuff and bad words are on this site. Continue at your o
Pandora Sims contains The SIMS and other sim related games content that is child friendly and an exclusive adults only sections.

Stanley Motor Carriage - Stanley Steam Cars - Stanley Steamers


Stanley Motor Carriage - Stanley Steam Cars - Stanley Steamers Welcome To A website dedicated to technical information relating to  Stanley Motor Carriage Company Steam Cars

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